There are savings hiding in your production data.

COMPASS by Intelia Technologies helps you unlock them.

Your bottom line will thank you.

Intelia supplies the poultry industry with species-specific sensors, Compass remote Data Management Software and data-powered predictive algorithms.

Combined, these tools provide a powerful decision-making system that helps poultry growers succeed and improve profitability by applying best practices consistently.


On a daily basis, poultry growers have a lot of "must dos":

They MUST make timely decisions to keep the flock's growth on the right track, MUST detect performance issues early, MUST maximize their human resources, MUST look for the most efficient ways to do things.

The list of tasks is endless.

To tackle it, poultry growers have to find ways to be everywhere and do everything at the same time. Somehow.

The good news is that live production operations generate detailed information about what is going on, everywhere, all the time.

Data. Tons of data. Collected from the sensors in the poultry houses, 24/7, all year long.

Temperature, humidity, light levels, ammonia and other gases levels, bin weight, water usage and so many more data points.

Intelia's solutions churns this raw data and transforms it - IN REAL TIME - into palatable information that experienced poultry growers can ACT UPON.



  • Detect early onset of diseases through water usage monitoring

  • Monitor mortality and flock performance in real-time

  • Take immediate action on deviation from expected growth


  • View feed stocks in real-time

  • Predict the amount of feed needed to bring birds to their target weight

Processing planning

  • Predict birds' weight over the next 14 days

  • Know exactly what to expect in terms of number of birds, uniformity and weight of birds


It's your chickens.

It's your data.


Now you can access it in real-time from all your buildings on a single platform, regardless of the controller installed. 


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